Montana Business Law Attorneys

The Business Law group at Measure Law provides a wide range of services for a diverse client base. We represent individuals, start-up ventures, and large corporations - all operating across a wide spectrum of industries and services. We gladly help any business entity, including sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, corporations, and tax-exempt organizations.

Business Law is a broad term, encompassing everything from the creation and dissolution of business entities (for example: incorporation, partnerships, limited partnerships, trusts and LLCs) to contract law, employment and collective bargaining issues, mergers and acquisitions, launching or avoiding litigation, negotiating and securing financing and the buying and selling of business assets. It is everything on the legal side of the business world; and it is the area where Measure Law offers our clients a competitive advantage.

Commercial Litigation

Litigation is, in some ways, the core of the legal profession. At their most basic level, commercial documents are drafted, partnerships are formed, policies are established and contracts are drawn up in an effort to create professional understandings that will eliminate the need, and the expense, of a trip to court.

Sometimes, however, a lawsuit becomes unavoidable. Whichever end of that unpleasant decision you find yourself on, this is the moment at which the skills, experience and personal service offered by Measure Law will become invaluable. We are skilled litigators, with experience in both federal and state courts. We are also experienced in arguing our clients' interests before arbitration panels, and in representing them during mediation sessions.

Generally speaking, we bill our litigation work by the hour. In appropriate situations, however, we will consider undertaking specific cases on a contingency basis.

Business Entity Formation

Different businesses have different needs. If you are looking for lawyers with broad experience, skill and knowledge, you have come to the right firm. You know how to run your business. We know how to assist you in resolving the legal issues involved in the formation of your business.

We can explain the characteristics of incorporation, limited liability companies, partnerships, and subchapter S corporations in Montana. We also take care of drafting your articles of incorporation or organization, your bylaws, any shareholder or operating agreement you might need, and whatever else is necessary for your particular situation. You can also rely on us to see that the instruments documenting your new business will be properly filed in the correct state office.

So whether you want to form an LLC in Montana, create a non-profit corporation, or just need some advice getting your business off the ground, Measure Law offers the comprehensive advice you need, and the experience you can trust.