Montana Debt Collection Lawyers

Accepting credit is a reality in running a successful business. Without it, most companies would be stifled and struggle to survive. And usually, the credit cycle works well for everyone involved. But occasionally, your customer turns into a debtor who refuses to pay the bill. When faced with this change, you need a debt collection attorney and collection law firm that will work swiftly and vigorously to protect your legal rights and bring back your money.

Measure Law is a Debt Collection and Trial Law Firm dedicated to providing creditors with the highest quality legal counsel available in order to recover delinquent debts. With an expert team of debt collection lawyers, we provide professional legal representation when collecting past-due debts.

The direct intervention by our law firm often results in greater recovery for our clients. In many cases, the fear of legal action results in recovery of outstanding obligations without suit becoming necessary. Debtors are less likely to ignore a collection letter from an attorney because we can do the one thing that debtors fear most: file a lawsuit to collect the debt.

The shock of a process server or the Sheriff on the debtor’s doorstep emphasizes that our clients are serious about collection. Because many creditors just threaten to file suit, debtors often believe that ignoring the problem will make it go away. Having the legal papers served makes the debt a priority. And once this happens, the debtor is much more inclined to resolve the problem. And if not, they know they are facing Collection Lawyers.

Collection Litigation

Although just the threat of legal action is often enough to spur a debtor to action, sometimes calls and letters are not enough. In these cases, filing a law suit may be the only avenue left for successful collection. We specialize in judicial recovery of debts in Montana. Ideally, filing suit results in a default judgment or summary judgment. Afterwards, we act quickly to obtain a Court Ordered Judgment and move on the enforcing the judgment.

Occasionally, a case does require a trial. When this happens, our experienced litigators are ready to prove your case before a judge or jury, and produce the best possible results. Our attorneys love the opportunity to represent clients in court, so you never have to worry about your debt collection lawyers unnecessarily settling claims.

Landlord/Tenant Collections

As a commercial or residential landlord, you must deal with tenants who fail to pay their rent or who vacate a property before the lease expires, leaving significant damage, which may exceed their deposit. If you are facing these problems, we can help. We represent landlords in collections matters across Montana through informal and court proceedings. If your tenants owe you money, we can help you get it back.