A Firm Ready to Go the Distance

The fact is that very few cases actually go to trial. Our entire legal system is geared toward settlement of cases, and would collapse if every plaintiff and defendant demanded a trial. For some lawyers, negotiating an agreement and closing the case becomes more than common, it becomes habit. But the trial lawyers at Measure Law are always ready to bring your case to Court. We thrive on the opportunity to present your case to a judge and jury. We enjoy the thrill of trial, and the excitement of the adversarial process.

Montana Civil Trial Attorneys

When settlement talks fail and negotiations stall out, sometimes it takes a jury to solve a dispute. When that happens you need professional and confident representation of your case. Measure Law has the skilled attorneys you need for litigation and trial. Whether your case involves an hour in Montana Justice Court, or two weeks in Montana District Courts, our trial lawyers are passionate and dedicated.

Montana Criminal Trial Attorneys

Sometimes, the only way to protect your rights is to rely on a jury. The heart of our criminal justice system is trial, something too often neglected in today's legal system. Our attorneys know that for the innocent, accepting anything less than total acquittal is probably unacceptable. In those cases, we take pride in telling our clients' stories to judges and juries, and playing our role in seeing justice done.