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Should I Hire a New Lawyer for My Montana Appeal?

If you recently received a decision from a district court that you believe was made in error, you might be thinking about challenging that decision through an appeal to the Montana Supreme Court. The appeal process is very different from what you went through at the trial court level, so you may be considering hiring someone with expertise in appeals in Montana.

There can be major advantages to hiring a lawyer with appellate experience. Because appeals are so different than trial court litigation, an appeal can be complicated and time consuming for your trial attorney to handle. Attorneys who regularly handle appeals are typically more aware of the ins-and-outs of the rules of appellate procedure. This experience means a streamlined appeal process, which generally costs the client less in attorneys’ fees. What may take trial counsel substantial time to figure out, an experienced appellate lawyer already knows and understands.

One of the greatest advantages to hiring a new lawyer for your appeal is the benefit of having a fresh set of eyes on the case. An experienced appellate lawyer may spot legal issues that trial counsel missed when they were in the trenches preparing for trial.

Most importantly, an experienced Montana appellate lawyer will be able to walk you through the Montana appeal process, answering your questions along the way and giving you the best advice to take control of your case. The more information a client has, the better they are able to weigh their options. Informed decisions are the best decisions.

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