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Mistakes happen. Our expert appeals lawyers look out for you.

Civil Litigation • Estate • Family Law • Divorce • Custody & Guardianship


Appeals are made in cases more often than people realize. Measure Law has a track record of proven results and will help you navigate your case. Our top appeals lawyers, Marybeth Sampsel and Kelly O'Brien, have a deep understanding of appellate litigation. You can trust them to see your case through to the best outcome at the highest level of law.  

Every case is different, and mistakes happen. You can trust Measure Law’s expert team to advocate for you.

We can help with:
  • Civil litigation appeals

  • Estate appeals

  • Family law appeals

  • Divorce appeals

  • Custody and guardianship appeals

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An expert in appeals, Marybeth knows how to look for mistakes in judgments and challenge them to the highest court necessary. She is your champion for the right outcome.


Better outcomes are possible, that’s why I’m passionate about helping my clients to achieve them.


With more than 20 years of experience in complex business and trust law, Kelly is an expert guide through the business appeals process.


I defend my clients’ needs when it comes to the appellate process, and I stay with them on the journey.

With Measure Law you will:

Be empowered
We invest in client communication to ensure your expectations are met.

Receive honest assessments
We provide you a realistic evaluation of benefits and outcomes.

Have creative strategies
We provide you with strategies that deliver you a breadth of choice and solutions.

You want to win your case, and so do we. With more than 30 years of combined experience practicing appellate litigation, you will receive expert advice from the Measure Law team.
Start the appeals process today.
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