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Our core practice areas provide integrated legal support through all phases of life. 

We’ll be the experts, so you can focus on living.

Most adventures in life are good.

We marry. We start businesses. We have children. We buy our dream home. We build wealth. We create legacies. We depart with dignity. 

But sometimes the adventure doesn't go as expected.

We divorce. Partnerships fail. Our children require more from us. We have a health issue. Finances become stressed.

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Estate law refers to the practices that help put your life in order so you can live well now and depart with security, dignity and a legacy to pass on. Estate planning is not for the rich, it is for anyone who owns anything – and it’s never too early to start. From your first simple will, to complex family trusts and individual trusts, it is important to build the foundation now. Measure Law attorneys specialize in wills, trusts, probate, tax planning and eldercare. We invest in each stage of life planning, so you can live well…now. 

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If the word “probate” is currently in your life, someone close to you is deceased and now it is time to tackle the legal paperwork. Probate is the legal process of transferring a decedent's assets in a manner consistent with state laws or as stated in their will and may or may not be required. At Measure Law, we understand that wading through paperwork is not a high priority as you juggle family needs and grief. Let our attorneys handle the legal pieces so you don’t have to.

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Decorating Easter Eggs

When relationships don’t go as expected, family law navigates a path through separation, mediation, parenting, custody, divorce, and if necessary, an appeal. Also included in family law are paths for adoption, grandparents’ rights and step-parent adoptions. A better way is possible, and our attorneys will help you find it. It will be uniquely yours because there is not a single way through these tough and life-changing decisions.

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Starting a business can seem daunting, but we are experts in helping you draft a plan for your new business, walk you through complex transactions and even purchase real estate. We believe in partnership and seek business clients who are invested in long-term strategies and value what building a healthy attorney-client relationship looks like.


Mistakes happen in law. Appeals are the opportunity to find and correct them. Lengthy litigation, failed attempts at settlement and laws that aren’t clearly defined can all be cause for an appeal process. This process opens the door for final interpretation by the Montana Supreme Court. There are options to find the best outcome and it takes skill and deep understanding of the law to find them. Our lawyers will champion the very best outcome at the highest level of law.

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There is more than one way to purchase or transfer real estate. It’s not your job to know the complex laws that govern high-value real estate sales of land and property, it’s ours and we’ll make the best plan for your situation. Whether it’s residential, commercial or related to estate planning, real estate transactions are very commonly arranged through an attorney, and often at a much lower cost compared to conventional practices. We will be your best resource and partner in these important decisions.


Measure Law offers mediation/alternative dispute resolution services throughout the state. Videoconferencing allows attorneys and clients to participate in mediation from the comfort of their own homes and offices. With additional advancements in electronic signing and filing, conferences are successful without incurring travel expenses.   

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Our Approach

Our Approach


Measure Law invests in client communication to ensure expectations are met.


Measure Law provides a realistic evaluation of benefits, costs and expenses for various outcomes.


Measure Law offers strategies that deliver a range of choice and solutions.

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