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Trust us with your estate planning, probate, and legacy.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is for anyone who owns anything and wants to protect their assets – and it’s never too early to start. From your first simple will to complex family trusts, individual trusts, probate, and estate appeals, it is important to build the foundation now.

With more than 100 years of combined expertise, Measure Law holds estate plans for over  $1 billion in Montana assets. Our expert estate planning and probate attorneys, Kelly O’Brien and Erika Johnson will provide skilled investment for your planning needs so you can have the freedom to focus on living now and be prepared for the future.

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With more than 20 years as an estate planning and probate attorney, Kelly is an expert guide in wills, probate, individual and family trusts, complex estate transactions, and estate appeals.


I help my clients see a bigger picture when it comes to building their businesses and their legacies, and I stay with them on the journey.



Erika’s 20 years of expertise in probate, wills, individual and family trusts, as well as trusts for children with special needs provide diverse solutions for her clients.

Putting all the pieces together is my specialty. I help guide my clients to the best outcomes in all areas of estate planning.

You want an honest assessment and creative strategies that are specific to your estate plan. We understand you have distinct needs for your legacy, that’s why we invest in client communication to ensure:

You are provided a realistic evaluation of benefits and outcomes.
You are given strategies with a breadth of solutions.
Your expectations are always met.

Begin planning your future today. Call 406-752-6373. 
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